Fundraise for a charity

Provide direct support to an individual, family or community by paying medical expenses or offering financial aid

Blood Donation

The need for safe and secure supplies of blood and blood donor in community.

Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani

Gather Pakistani community to raise Pakistan Economically.

PARSAA is focusing on our Slogan
"Together We Can, Together We Will"

About us



Stay in touch with childhood friends no matter wherever they are in the world. Help each other in every possible way, in every walk of life in our foremost competence. Educate/help other people of our community in the time of dire need. We lead positive social change and deliver value to members through information, advocacy and service. Work with communities to end hunger, unemployment and to promote care for our brothers.



A future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams come true.
To set an example for our upcoming generations to learn and to educate, give what you have taken, teach what you have learnt.


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Latest Cases

By the grace of Allah, with the help of PARSAA member’s and our community, we’ve been successfully solved many cases and helped our batch mates. We use your donations to help vulnerable PARSAA members, their families and Pakistani Community to improve their lives around.


In the recent years, we organized many different events which reflects the brotherhood, unity of Alumni's and to celebrate different moments together. Our upcoming event

10June 2019

START: JUNE 10, 2019 END: JUNE 10, 2019
BBQ Party

11JULY 2019

START: JULY 11, 2019 END: JULY 13, 2019
Makkah Umrah Bus Trip

12August 2019

START: AUG 12, 2019 END: AUG 12, 2019
Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani Awarness
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17May 2019
PARSAA Grand Iftaar & Sahoor

It was our privilege to celebrate the fasting along with our batch mates where PARSAA organize every year a Grand Reunion Party along with Iftar and Suhoor. Batch Mates with different walk of life gather, reunite and meet old friends to recall and revise our school memories to cherish.

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